Success Stories

Your Office

New Year, new beginnings! I am a sales professional and work from home when I'm not with my clients. With the way my house is configured, it was best to put my office in the initial room off the entry. This means, everyone who comes to my house, sees my work habits and my organizational skills. I was forever putting papers into a bottomless basket, to "deal with later", or keeping old promotional items "just in case". My drawers were nightmarish and my file system was very visible on my desk. Not the best look or feel when coming into the house. When Judith Blazer came to help me confront this challenge, she made some very clear and easy suggestions that helped me transform my office into a more productive and inviting environment. We got the files off my desk and created a simple active file system in a drawer that works great. We purged many items and she made the "give away" pile evaporate before my eyes by loading the items up and removing them from my house same day. I had electronics, paper, books, promotional items. She had a plan for each of these, which meant I didn't have to worry about a thing. What was even better is she knew how to recycle electronics and made me feel really great about just letting go.

I now enjoy bringing my hot cup of coffee to my desk and working away. I feel so much lighter and more efficient with the new systems, a clean desk, and shelves that have room for nice accessories. Nothing was hard, I just needed the support and answers to "what am I supposed to do with this?" She made me feel really comfortable and we worked fast and great together.

What a life changer! Here's to a more productive 2011!

Client Manager, Microsoft

Your Studio

As a printmaker, painter and poet, I need a lot of space to work and to use and store my materials. Fortunately, I have a lot of space in the form of a large room with two closets that is linked to a sun porch that serve as my studio and writing center. I have been in this space for more than 10 years and have lots of "stuff.' And before Judith arrived, it was just a giant mess.

I began to notice that though I would tidy, I was just re-arranging "stuff' and felt less interested in staying in the rooms to work. That's when Judith stepped in.

I confess, I was wary. I am not wild for folks entering my creative space without invitation and me as a chaperone. So, this was one of the first times, ever, that I'd given anyone such access to my studio - a unique and unsettling event. I had to; things had gotten out of hand.

During our first consultation, I kept saying things like "I just want to tidy" and "we don't need to do an overhaul - we just need to make some order." Judith would listen thoughtfully, ask lots of questions, gently try out some suggestions to see what I thought as she explored each room and then, we got to work.

And honestly, working with Judith was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. Our process was collaborative, supportive, productive and just plain fun! I never felt pressured or judged. I could never have imagined that, in a day and a half, I would have 4 giant bags of trash, 7 bags of recyclables, two loads for the Salvation Army and even some books to sell. I was surprised at how much I could move on without a twinge of regret.

Thank you Judith, not just for your impressive patience, empathy, respect and problem solving skills; not just for returning my spaces into places of ease and creative possibility; but also for showing me that support from others in making even my most private spaces what I want does not require compromise or loss.

So to all your artists, writers, and creative folks out there - if you want an astounding and supportive process to get your studio or work space back in shape, I recommend Judith without reservation.

Artist and Writer

Your Life

I've worked with Judith off and on when I've needed coach support over the last three years. We've done both business and personal coaching because either way, she helps me figure out what it is I want and how I want to get it. And frankly, I can't keep what's happens in my business from affecting my personal life. She listens with respect and without judgment and I find her very easy to work with on projects as well as personal issues.

She helps me keep track of my priorities, even when I forget by reminding me of things I've said I wanted to do. I like how she pays attention to those details, how present she is, thoughtful in asking questions and genuinely interested in my welfare. I particularly like the warmness she shows; it feels very personal and caring.

In our first hands-on session to clear the clutter from my office so I could conduct business with more ease, she helped me set up a filing system and taught me some easy techniques so I don't pile papers anymore because I could never find things when I did that. We'll have another office day soon and finish the project. I can't wait.

I'm going to make some major business and life changes over the next few years and I really am glad I have Judith to help me navigate them. Trust is essential in a coach and I can say unequivocally that I trust Judith to keep my best interest at the center of our work together. The thing I think I like most is how she supports me to find my own answers. I've had people try to tell me what to do or "make suggestions" but it always comes from what they think, not what I think. Judith cares about me finding my own solutions so they really work for me. She's quite an advocate. I can't imagine anyone not wanting her on their team.

Massage Therapist