Meet Judith

Judith BlazerJudith has been in business since 1995 and is founder of Blazer's Organizing Solutions. She is a certified Organizer Coach, specializing in working with people with ADHD and those who want to live "full-out." Her training and skills help clients who want to make lasting changes and make the life of they dream about real.

Judith specializes in supporting those who struggle with unwanted clutter and are interested in living and working in a productive, creative environment. She is passionate about sharing solutions to enhance the way you use your time, money and energy both in how you earn your living and the way you live your life. She helps businesses create a work atmosphere that supports productivity, efficiency and ease with proven solutions for a positive environment. In addition, Judith assists individuals in obtaining best practice organizational systems that help achieve and maintain positive and lasting changes. She is trained to help eliminate clutter and replace it with custom-made systems that work. If you are a busy professional and are losing time, energy and money due to clutter, Judith can assist you in creating lasting success.

Getting from where you are to where you want to be can feel overwhelming, sometimes frustrating, even down right discouraging. One of the reasons people struggle with making changes is that they are trying to fit into someone else's model of how things should look. Whether you chose Judith or someone else to support you, please know that your personal preferences and needs are the key to working with any productivity specialist, organizing consultant or coach. Blazer's Organizing Solutions customizes programs based on YOUR personal preferences, sound organizing and productivity practices and proven strategies.

How I Work

  • While there are lots of tools in my kit, there are NO "one-size" fits all formulas.
  • I start by listening to YOU in order to discover your Vision of the project or goal and what obstacles you think are in your way. You lead the way as we work through a series of enquiries designed to get to the root of helping you succeed.
  • We go at YOUR pace. It's important to feel that YOU are in control but have support.
  • Together we explore strategies that work with YOUR personality so that the changes you make are ones that help you achieve the life you want. This is true with any service I provide.
  • Once we target your priorities, develop strategies to eliminate or reduce your obstacles, we create personal solutions to support your on-going success, save you money, time and energy.

Judith's passion for supporting others to clear the clutter comes from her own everyday challenges with ADHD.