How Judith Works

In our initial consultation, we'll talk about your vision for the project. Having a vision helps you know when you've reached your goal - when it's complete. If you don't have a vision, that's okay. I know what questions to ask. I'll listen while you talk and we'll discover it together. Once we have a vision we'll determine what your resources are to help get the job done fast, efficient, economically and with good organizing practices. Next we'll determine what obstacles have been blocking your path and reduce or eliminate them.

Depending on your budget I can help you get started or take you all the way through the process of making the changes you want. I have over 15 years of experience in helping people enhance their environments. My expertise is helping you develop systems that will support permanent changes, with ways to easily maintain what you've created based on how you think and what your habits are. No one-size-fits-all strategies.

Home Organizing Packaging

Jump Start:
3 hours of hands-on organizing, consulting, follow up.
Roll-Up Your Sleeves:
6 hours of hands-on organizing, consulting, coaching, follow up.
Gear Up:
15 hours of hands-on organizing, consulting, coaching, skill-sharing, follow up.
Bring It On:
30 hours of hands-on organizing, consulting, coaching, skill-sharing, follow-up

If additional Staff is brought in to expedite your project, an hourly rate is charged based on the size of the package and the number of additional seasoned personnel. On larger projects, this enhances your return on investment exponentially.

Monthly and Quarterly Programs

  $375.00 Monthly Program: 5 hours per month for any project, consulting, follow-up (Commitment of 3 months)
  $730.00 Quarterly Program: 10 hours per quarter, organizing, consulting, follow up (Commitment of 6 months)


Blazer's Organizing Solutions takes a Holistic approach in assisting clients to
Design a Life that Fits

Judith Blazer
Certified Organizer Coach, ADHD & Wellness Coach
Professional Organizer Consultant

Coaching Rates
Session are 40-45 minute at $125.00 per session