Welcome to Blazer's Organizing Solutions

Sometimes it's challenging to be productive, live in harmony with our surroundings, ourselves and others. It seems even more difficult when there is so much clutter around us, the piles of papers on our desk, the mail we haven't sorted through, the reports and magazines we keep in a stack on the chair so we won't forget them. But what about the other clutter that shows up internally in the form of a daily schedule that's so full we don't enjoy our family and friends, where we lose energy trying to keep track of all the things that we don't want to forget, or find ourselves emotionally exhaustion and out of patience with our co-workers or loved ones. All this can leave us with a lack of connection that feels empty and separate.

Blazer's Organizing Solutions has Integrative Systems that can help. You'll see when you look at Services that they are specific and defined but know that almost everything is flexible and open to revision. What this means is that Judith will work with you to design Solutions that help create what fits for you.

Clutter is ANYTHING that does not support your life. It is physical, in the form of too many paper piles, a filing system where things get lost, forever or a garage you can't get your car into. But clutter is about what takes up your time and energy keeping you from being the productive, enrgetic and creative person you long to be. A harmonious environment is one in which you can accomplish things with ease while enjoying your life in ways that are satisfying and rewarding.

The key thing to changing your life is taking small steps but doing it consistently. It really is as simple as that but the people who actually make the changes start with a first step. It doesn't matter what it is; it only matters that you take it. What's your first step?